Tuesday, February 11, 2020

QUALITY ASSURANCE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

QUALITY ASSURANCE - Essay Example Therefore, the management of RWDi decided to appoint a management consultant in order to identify the main reasons for declining sales along with the loss of customers. According to the observation of the consultant, it has been notified that the organisation has never adopted any sort of marketing orientation programme in order to understand consumers’ needs and preferences. In accordance with the consultant’s report, the management of RWDi took certain imperative initiatives such as deliverance of quality training for all of its staff for the purpose of mitigating its vulnerable business situation. With this concern, the report intends to discuss the concept of quality along with total quality and identification of hard as well as soft problems faced by RWDi. Moreover, certain effective solutions and proper evaluation regarding the improvement of RWDIs’ vulnerable situation will also be depicted in the report. 2.0 Concept of Quality and Total Quality Quality Th e perception of quality is typically regarded to be one of the major and wide-ranging concepts that ensure to offer superior value of products or services according to the needs and preferences of the consumers. ... liverance of quality products is regarded to be one of the vital elements that raise productivity which, in turn, leads towards generating greater revenue. Moreover, the efficiency of offering quality products can also augment employment opportunities as well as technological advancement to a significant extent (Beckford, 2009). Total Quality Management The idea of Total Quality Management (TQM) can be defined as the level of optimisation and amalgamation of all business activities and processes that facilitate the organisations to comply with the anticipation of their customers (University of Liverpool, n.d.). It is fundamentally viewed to be an effective approach that supports an organisation to enlarge their customer base levels, motivate the workers, maximise revenues as well as minimise costs. An effective practice of TQM is considerably focused on promoting customer’s needs and demands at large. With this regard, it is quite essential for an organisation to identify and understand the needs and desires of the customers in terms of offering quality products or services with the intention of accomplishing its expected business goals (The University of Groningen, 2007). 2.1 Problems Hard Problems According to the case of RWDi, it can be identified that the organisation overlooked the utilisation of marketing orientation programmes for its products, which can be considered as one of the major or hard problems of the organisation. Moreover, lack of implementing TQM programmes can further be considered as another hard problem for RWDi. Soft Problems From the perspective of identifying the soft problems of RWDi, it has been observed that the sales of the organisation were declined and lost valuable customers due to the aforementioned major or hard problems. 3.0

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